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Surround Sound Evolution
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Mythos V I D E O S
mit Ausschnitten aus den
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(Continuation of "Evolution" international reviews and recommendations)

...Surround Sound Evolution finds Mythos making music the size of planetariums, and this is an album filled with massive synths that take you on a tour of the universe.

...This is one more trip throughout the fascinating universe of analogue synthesizers and that’s precisely what this album wants to show.

...The blend of New Age with hard-core electronic prog is highly interesting, as it goes in directions the later Tangerine Dreamers and Michael Hoenig never even thought of.

...Mythos displays a very broad palette of synthetic tone and electronic effects wherein energetic themes again stride - yet there is a more finely developed gentleness and delicacy as this evolution progresses, not least among the interplay of arpeggios and programmed electro-beats.

...Stephan Kaske, the one that we can easily compare to a German Jean Michel Jarre gave a series of shows in diverse planetariums and festivals onto a period of 18 months.

...Conceived in the same mould of the diversified rhythms that were flooded in an extremely rich sound envelope “Surround Sound Evolution” explodes even more with 12 original titles, among which 2 bonus tracks, which are the witnesses of a wonderful musical tale which exceeds the most daring sound adventures.

...Only master on board of a musical adventure molded in the excesses of his fantasias, Mythos tells us his musical tales with a sound wealth that honours his mythical reputation.

...This CD showcases dynamic and powerful melodies entwined
with rich and flavorful instrumentation.

...Stephan Kaske takes his originality and creativity and captivates the listener with tracks overflowing with intoxicating instrumental musical melodies.

...Each layer of sound intrigues the mind with its inviting and breathtaking ambiance.

...If you are a fan of Electronica music you will definitely want to add this brilliant Electronica CD to your collection as this album is one you must listen to.

...Kaske probably remains one of the best-hidden secrets of the pure vintage electro-ambient music. Mythos is a project that can be compared to some of the greatest inventors of synthesizer music like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and co.

...“Tinba Jttai” is a big, deep space sounding track: with its crashing bass notes and lilting arpeggio it gives you time to drift within its atmosphere,

...Filter Sequence Wah Flute” is a trip through the rings of Saturn. Its sequences build slowly and here we hit a more Berlin School sound (for me this is marvellous). Rhythms play off against each other as your craft heads towards the giant sphere, then when the flute slides in you are taken to a different dimension altogether – magical.

...If you are a big fan of synthesizer music that travels to different realms, then Stephan Kaske’s album is certainly for you.

...Conclusion: From all album Mythos albums I’ve heard this is for sure the most noticeable one. This is a true class act when it comes to speaking about pure electronic music!

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