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*** RadioIndy / U.S.A. meint: ***

-...Ein einmaliges Hören von Mythos' "Surround Sound Offensive" wird Eure Art Musik zu hören für immer verändern...
-...Diese Instrumentals sind exzellent handgefertigt, gut aufgebaut, einprägsam und einzigartig...
-...die Surround Sound Offensive ist ein elektronisches Meisterwerk, angefüllt mit phantastischer, voller Instrumentierung, die die gesamte Leinwand mit Kaskes künstlerischer Expression füllt...

RadioIndy / U.S.A.: “Surround Sound Offensive” by MYTHOS / Stephan Kaske (Electronica Artist from Germany)

One listen to Berlin electronica group Mythos' "Surround Sound Offensive" will change the way you listen to music forever.
Mythos frontman Stephan Kaske has composed an incredible, artistic instrumental album that gives a new meaning to fullness of sound. Self-produced by Kaske in Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound, "Surround Sound Offensive" constantly has a variety of sounds going in different places at the same time that artfully come together as a compositional whole.
These instrumentals, minimalistically labeled "S.S.O.-1" through "S.S.O.-11" are excellently crafted, well-layered, catchy, and unique. These songs are, by nature, best when listened to loudly on a surround sound system, and the album is meant to be listened to from beginning to end, as an artistic whole.
"S.S.O.-2" has an '80s feel to it with a great beat and a full sound that brings lots of different sounds together. "S.S.O.-8" has a lot of spacey ambience going, more great beats, and excellent instrumental layering with well-timed fades and dueling instrumentation.
"Surround Sound Offensive" is an electronica masterpiece filled with amazing, full instrumentation that fills the canvas with Kaske's artistic expression.
Fans of electronica, and anyone with a surround sound system are going to want to pick this one up.-

*** MORPHEUS MUSIC (GB) schreibt u.a.: ***

-"...Aktionsreiche High End Electronica in der Tradition der Berliner Schule..."
-"...Dieses neue Mythos Album füllt Dein Kopfuniversum von einem Ende bis zum anderen - stets die Aufmerksamkeit fordernd - Musik in der Offensive...."
-"...dramatische, mitreissende Kompositionen voller Energie und akustischem Feinschliff..."
-"...radikal synthetisch und gleichzeitig voller Gefühl und theatralischer Pracht..."

Lively high end electronica in the German Berlin-school tradition. Mythos presents here an album aimed at showing just what electronic music can sound like when making full use of the technology currently available. Full surround sound recording is used to establish a rich spatial arena with crystal clarity and dynamic acoustic effects. The Mythos sound is well suited to this approach - bright synthesiser themes and sequential patterns dance with luminous warmth, multi-layered, deftly crafted, melodic; airy effects swish and swirl throughout the soundscape; stirring programmed beats littered with variously manipulated hits, blips, splashes and zaps drive the music energetically forward. Kaske weaves the odd snatch of vocal ephemera into the mix - tribal chants or strongly effected speech, choral swells building the intensity to fever pitch. This latest Mythos album fills your headspace from end to end - demanding your attention - music on the offensive.

The mood of Surround Sound Offensive is in keeping with the title - dramatic, stirring compositions full of energy and aural detail. The European heritage shines brightly - this is music of the machines bent toward their futurist potential - unashamedly synthetic whilst at the same time full of feeling and theatrical grandeur.

Arriving in a slimline jewel case the artwork is uncomplicated and eye catching. A strong yellow sun-burst fronts the package. Sharp black lettering presenting the title and between the lines a pithy explanation of the intent of the album. Inside is a timed tracklist and German language discussion of the project in greater detail. For English speaking fans the insert opens out to reveal the relevant information in English.

This latest Mythos release is presented as the first in a new series of Mythos albums "offensively and consequently custom-made, matched and fine-tuned to YOUR wishes right from the start of the composition". In other words the artist Stephan Kaske is aiming to satisfy the desires of synth fans that are not content with mp3 quality sound or even common CD quality - Stephan explaining "the multiple psycoacoustic effects, binaural dummy head recordings and numerous surround elements appear and work best with the equipment adjusted to DOLBY PRO LOGIC (TM). We choose this format because the vast majority of fans have it available in their hi-fi systems, cars and home cinemas. It is also, of course, totally stereo compatible; many spacious events are already impressively effective in stereo". Eleven tracks in all make up this releases - the latest in an impressive Mythos discography that dates back into the early nineteen seventies!

Mythos is building on the colourful tradition of electronic music that the project has pioneered since the early days. This is an album for musical technophiles especially, but will doubtless appeal to all fans of the genre that enjoy the more energetic end of the Berlin-school.

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*** CD des Monats / music-transformation (D) ***

Die neue CD von Stephan Kaske aus Berlin ist soeben erschienen. Wir konnten uns von der hervorragenden Soundqualitaet des neuen Albums ueberzeugen.

Unter dem Titel "Surround Sound Offensive" veroeffentlicht er unter dem Projektnamen "Mythos" wieder einmal ein meisterhaftes Album.

Aber nicht nur der Surround-Sound begeistert; die Musik ist wie auf den Vorgaenger-Alben "Kamasutra", Edgar Allan Poe" und "Mysteria" sehr eingaengig und dynamisch.

Die Alben gehoeren fuer mich zu den besten der elektronischen Musik, wobei Stephan einen ganz eigenen Stil verfolgt.

*** / Stephan Schelle ***

Der Berliner Elektroniker Stephan Kaske ist seit Jahren auch unter dem Projektnamen Mythos in der Szene bekannt. Er kann bereits auf zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen zurückblicken. Am 26.09.2008 bläst er nun zu einer „Surround Sound Offensive“ der besonderen Art, denn Stephan geht mit seinem Projekt einen neuen Weg, in dem er ein Elektronikalbum herausbringt, das vor allem die Soundgourmets unter den Musikliebhabern ansprechen soll. Wie schon der Titel des Albums verrät, hat Stephan aka Mythos bei der Einspielung der Stücke besonderen Wert auf den räumlichen Klang gelegt.

Mythos Sound Offensive besteht aus insgesamt elf Stücken mit Laufzeiten zwischen 3:47 und 7:28 Minuten, dabei reizt er das Thema Raumklang auf dieser elf Tracks umfassenden, fast einstündigen CD gut aus. Die Titel der einzelnen Stücke hat Stephan dabei der Einfachheit halber mit „S.S.O.-1“ bis „S.S.O.-11“ benannt. Das wird nicht erst auf einer Hightech- oder Surround-Anlage deutlich. Auch auf einer normalen Anlage machen sich die Transparenz und der räumliche Sound sehr gut.

Musikalisch ist Stephan dem bisherigen Stil seiner Mythos-Produkte treu geblieben. Elektronisch, rhythmisch, symphonisch, ja sogar theatralisch mit einem Schuss mediterranem Feeling, so beginnt der erste Track der CD. Stephan hat einen ganz eigenen Sound kreiert, der einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert besitzt und so ist man auch gleich vom ersten Ton an in der bekannten Welt von Mythos gefangen.

Während Track 1 noch recht symphonisch angelegt war, hab ich beim zweiten Stück eher das Gefühl einer Mischung aus Spaceopera oder durch den später einsetzenden Rhythmus, dem Soundtrack eines Urwaldtrips zu lauschen. Track 3 legt den Fokus auf den Rhythmus (könnte mit anderer Instrumentierung auch in die Sparte Rock einsortiert werden) während Track 4 eher im Umfeld der Berliner Schule mit treibenden Rhythmen und Vocoderstimmen anzusiedeln ist. In die gleiche Schiene geht zunächst Track 5, doch er entwickelt sich schnell durch den flirrend/schnarrenden Rhythmus in einen modernen Track.

Abwechslungsreich, vor allem durch die vielen Sounds, und rhythmisch geht es auf dem Album in erstklassiger Klangtechnischer Ausführung zu. Wer die bisherigen Alben von Mythos / Kaske mochte, der wird auch an diesem neuen Werk seine Freude haben. Das Album wird neben dem Eigenvertrieb auch bei, CDBaby, iTunes, musicload, napster und anderen Musikportalen erhältlich sein. Ein Antesten des Albums lohnt sich in jedem Fall.

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*** Sonic Curiosity, Matt Howarth (U.S.A.) ***

"...58 Minuten von überschäumender elektronischer Klangfülle..."
"...Diese Kompositionen lebhaft zu nennen wäre eine pure Untertreibung..."

This release from 2008 features 58 minutes of exuberant electronic tuneage.
Mythos is Stephan Kaske.
Nimble percussion and lively electronics produce energetic tunes of a vivacious demeanor, lush and full of driving force.
The electronics are diverse, blending crystalline notes with bass rumbles and sweeping punctuation. Keyboards contribute uptempo riffs that sway through the active sonic milieu with jovial determination. Arrays of textural flows are compressed together to generate lilting harmonics of surprisingly undulant depth. The multiplicity of the layers in this music is impressive, relentlessly offering a tasty density that insists on evolving and changing in your very ears.
Percussion provides constant locomotion for the already hyperactive tuneage. A glistening variety is applied to the beats, making the rhythms as diverse in sound as the manifold electronics. The rhythms are agile and complex, as if designed for creatures blessed with more than two legs with which to dance. Snappy beats support melodies of dreamy yet busy definition; even the few pensive passages exhibit a motive character.
An orchestral flair can almost be heard in a few tracks, albeit buried in the opulent mix of joyous electronics.
In one piece, a vocoder can be heard, but the words are so distorted that any lyrical content is lost. In another song, gleeful chorales establish a cheering vocal presence.
To call these compositions lively is a pale understatement. Their brisk makeup is paralleled by their bouncy velocity, chugging along with spiraling chords and sashaying measures. A distinct celebratory mood is conveyed, and yet the music remains contemporary, never falling into a techno mode.

***VENUE Musik Magazin / Rating 9 of 10 stars (=highly recommended)***

Ende 2006 veröffentlichte Kaske zum ersten mal eine Produktion im SuperAudioCD Format und 2008 überrascht er uns nun mit einem sehr speziellen Album: der "Surround Sound Offensive". Wie der Name schon erahnen lässt, ist die CD vor allem für Freunde des Surround Sounds und des technisch/musikalischen HighEnds produziert.

Auf der CD sind 11 Songs vertreten, welche der Einfachheit halber mit "S.S.O.-1" bis "S.S.O.-11" betitelt wurden. Alle wurden mit Kaskes technischem und musikalischen Know How produziert. Da die Surround Sound Technik mit einem großen Aufwand und Mehrkosten verbunden ist, wird sie von vielen Plattenfirmen einfach ignoriert - der Hörgenuss wird im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes "kastriert". Die CD ist sowohl für Standard-Anlagen, als auch für Ghettoblaster und spezielle Surround-Sound-Anlagen gemacht. Da braucht man kein geschultes Ohr um zu erkennen, dass hier einfach mehr räumlicher Sound vorhanden ist als auf "normal" produzierten CDs. Mit einem Surround-Kopfhörer kommt der Sound natürlich doppelt so gut, weil man besser und vor allem bewusster hinhören kann und kein Nebengeräusch stört. Stilistisch bewegen sich die Songs zwischen elektronischen und symphonischen Klängen. Spaceshuttle meets Sparta, Urwald meets mediterrane Klänge. Dass hier keine Party-CD am Start ist dürfte jedem klar sein. Hier geht es schon fast in die Richtung Meditationsmusik, aber S.S.O. ist natürlich weitaus mehr. Sehr abwechslungsreich plätschert ein Song nach dem anderen vor sich hin und wer hier nicht genau hinhört, der hat eigentlich alles verpasst. Mystisch, rhythmisch, anspruchsvoll, elektrisch - Mythos. Bei der Wertung tue ich mir nun schon schwer, da ich normalerweise nur Bands bewerte aber betrachtet man das Gesamtkonzept und die Mühe, die hinter dem ganzen steckt, dann kann ich 9/10 Punkte vergeben. Die Surround Sound Fans werden hier absolut begeistert sein und mir persönlich brennt es natürlich jetzt unter den Nägeln, diese CD mal in eine richtig große Surround-Anlage zu legen…

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***Serge Kozlovsky / Transglobal New Age Music Site***

MYTHOS - Surround Sound Offensive

A new time of extra sound quality albums began!

It started with the recent Mythos' CD "Surround Sound Offensive" which uses many achievements of modern sound recording technology. This album is the first release in new series of Mythos' albums.

And the sound of "Surround Sound Offensive" is awesome!

The listener can completely enjoy all nuances of Mythos' tuneful compositions. In musical aspect these strong and powerful melodies refer back to famous Berlin school. Mythos' electronic music stands firmly on the ground and irrepressibly rushes to the sky. It paints colored images of futuristic lands and provokes the listener's fancy.

Mythos' music can be listened to very attentively. It is like a mysterious dark picture which hangs at the unadorned wall. But when you come closer to it you suddenly see the playing of luxuriant colors and they begin to shine more and more brightly.

What can be said else? Mythos' music is very effective. His new album "Surround Sound Offensive" is truly a superb release. This is music for your own imagination.

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***SIDE-LINE / Belgien schreibt***

Stephan Kaske aka Mythos deals with a very particular concept. One of the main ideas behind this release is to get the listener a bit more familiar with the so called ‘surround sound-, Dolby Pro Logic(TM) and musical high tech’. One of the ideas behind this procedure and I quote is ‘to listen to music using to full capacity all the sound and spacious potentials of the fondly hand selected pimped ghetto blasters up to our Surround Sound home cinemas’. The album is totally stereo compatible revealing a fascinating electro-ambient music, which inspires me a kind of modern version of Jean-Michel Jarre. The tracks are well-crafted and quite entertaining although remaining mainly instrumental. I now and then perceive some male vocals with a vocoder effect on top, but that’s rather rare. Mythos composes the perfect music with the right sound for the lovers of music soundtracks. The tracks have been simply entitled from “S.S.O.-1” till “S.S.O.-11”. The content is definitely more inspired than the titles while adding a few more musical elements like some psychedelic touch here and now. The concept is definitely captivating and the music sheltering behind is well-done!

*** Oldie-Markt 2009 / Deutschland ***

Eigentlich ist es ja nahe liegend, dass jemand, der elektronische Musik herstellt, großen Wert auf die Technik legt. Stephan Kaske macht daraus sogar einen Albumtitel. Das ist o.k. so und viel wichtiger ist, dass er seine Musik so gut angefertigt hat wie früher. Seine Spezialität ist die perkussiv angelegte elektronische Musik, für die ihm immer wieder Melodien einfallen, die seine Musik adeln.

*** Encyclopedia of Electronic Music/Artemi Pugachov (Russland) ***

Mythos aka Stephan Kaske has been around for quite a while, releasing his first album as early as 1971. In 2008, he returns with an energetic EM work, especially mixed for surround sound, but playable on standard stereo systems.
All tracks are named simply S.S.O. 1 to 11. The first track begins with beating drums, upbeat sequences, bombastic symphonic arrangements and nice vocoder voices. There's a vaguely ethnic flair to this composition. A variety of sounds are used, some of them orchestral, others strictly synthetic.
The second track is more laid back, with excellent fat bass synth and a very effective melody. Very nice - those who like melodic EM should check it out. The second part of the track is occupied by a relaxed melodic theme, played by choir-like synths. However, the bass synths accelerate and finally the initial melodic theme returns. This music is immaculately done with interesting sounds and, surprisingly, leaves enough space to show some feeling and emotion.
The third track begins with funky echoing sequences, before the sound brakes down to welcome a rather pedestrian rhythm and a somewhat jazzy synth melody. This will be a perfect soundtrack to a scene from a detective story.
Part 4 begins with an "Oxygene"-like stepping rhythm and some urgent symphonic synths. A broken rhythm interferes as vocoder voice utters the phrase "Surround Sound Offensive". Quality stuff. Towards the end, the rhythm subsides and sinks in an ocean of atmospheric synth sounds. However, it returns after a couple of seconds to finish this piece of music.
The fifth part begins with exciting bass sequences and a nice rhythm. A reflective theme is played on top, as Stephan uses various tasty sounds for the arrangements.
Part 6 begins with an urgent melodic synthesizer theme. After a few seconds, various bubbling bass synths are added, as well as a sharp, complex synthetic rhythm. The bass gains more prominence, as a strange, ethnic-sounding vocoder voice appears. Intriguing stuff! This should be one of the most experimental pieces on this album. But even then, it is purposeful and rhythmic, not to mention its tasty, complex arrangements. Part 7 once again begins with a stepping bass sequence and some excellent echoing synth sounds. A great melodic theme is introduced and then another melodic theme comes, reminding a bit on the late 1980's Tangerine Dream. There's also a slight ethnic vibe to this track. The rhythm then becomes much more subtle, as the track relies on a bass pulse and other rhythmic synthetic sounds. Excellent track!
Part 8 is more moody, with an almost Baroque melodic theme and inventive rhythms. The track is so simple in its melodic content but so effective, it makes me wonder as to how this guy achieves it. I guess great talent, strong personality and great musical skills are a good combination to ensure the end result is interesting and enjoyable. Towards the end, the track becomes almost anthemic, with choirs, beating drums and all. However, it never strays too far into orchestral bombast, retaining its synthetic nature.
Fat bass synth greets Part 9, as strong melodies coupled with choirs make for some intense brew. Stephan does allow a fair bit of experimentation on this piece, with strange percussive sounds and voice samples. The tenth part begins with wailing synth and melodic arpeggios. As on other tracks of this album, the melodic element is very strong here. Also of note are the great rhythm and synth programming. The arrangements will keep you on your toes throughout.
The final part is also the longest track. It begins with excellent bass sequences and harpsichord-like synths. Sounds very hi-tech, largely thanks to the sequences and the mix. Some melodic content (the chords) remind a bit on Jarre, but the music as a whole sounds nothing like him. Stephan has an individual style, quite different from most EM musicians. His music is much more geometric, less flowing than, for instance, Berlin School EM. Instead, Kaske relies on interesting arrangements and effective melodic content. And on the final track, one can hear it easily. On the surface it seems that the sequences are in contrast to the melodies and vice versa. But when you listen closely, you will notice the purposeful nature of the music. It sounds so stiff and calculated, it's almost mathematical, in a good sense.
The sound is crystal clear and the stereo field is wide like on no other album, even with ordinary stereo headphones. Audiophiles take note. It is quite difficult to name one best track, as there are no real bummers, some are slightly better than others but overall it's a surprisingly even work.

*** Sylvain Lupari from Guts Of Darkness / Canada ***

Pioneer of contemporary, progressive and electronic German music, Stephan Kaske never does things halfway. Surround Sound Offensive is the first title from a series of opus where this excellent composer, sound engineer and multi instrumental artist explores the dynamic sound of Surround Sound Dolby Pro Logic(TM).
A work which takes its entire dimension on an adequate hi-fi system.
As of the first rolling of SSO I starts, we seize all the sound dimension of this brilliant German synthesis’s 19th opus. Symphonic percussions on a synth that chats on vocoder, in a sound fauna of thousand and one orchestral richness. SSO I opens the door to the harmonious sound, sometimes complex, but surprisingly accessible, of Surround Sound Offensive. Eleven tracks which combine the ambient subtleties to sequences full of unforeseeable rhythms. SSO is a surprise box which amazes our ears each time they cross a track. The melodious side of Mythos is always present, but each softness are aromatized of variegated sonorities where the orchestrations are melting to the sound strangeness, as on SSO II; a soft electronic ballade which crescende to whistling orchestrations which are not without pointing out legendary Tomita. A catchy and rich ballade filled of sound effects which deviates on a more accentuated tempo, like SSO IV, SSO VIII, the splendid and awesome SSO V as well as SSO X. Beyond the ballades which hang the daydreams, Mythos always likes to astonish by complex compositions with unexpected unwinding as on the heavy and atmospheric SSO III, SSO VI and its strange amphibious pace combines on a superb sequencer, SSO VII, technoïd SSO IX and the unforeseeable SSO XI.
The strength of Mythos is to develop a daring electronic music, shaped in an avant-gardism sound universe, while maintaining an approach just enough melodious to capture and maintain an auditive interest which grows in each listening. Surround Sound Offensive is an album stuffed with sound effects and sonorities as rich as unforeseen in a curiously harmonious context. For those who like more than conventional stuff…

*** Ultima Fronteira / Spanien ***

Nuevo trabajo del compositor alemán Stephan Kaske bajo su proyecto MYTHOS, unos de los clásicos de la música electrónica, heredero de la Escuela Berlín.
"Surround Sound Offensive" es el título de esta obra conceptual, un disco dividido en 11 cortes con los cuales el compositor busca sacar provecho a los sistemas musicales multicanal, es decir, principalmente Home Cinemas con el sistema Surround Sound. La verdad, que este sistema musicalmente hablando está muy desaprovechado y se limita su uso al cine, pero Stephan Kaske, lo mismo que hiciera Jean Michel Jarre con su Aero, nos muestra todas las posiblidades de esta tecnología.
En este trabajo, nos encontramos música electrónica de calidad, heredera de la mejor Escuela Berlín, de manos de un hombre que siempre ha demostrado grandes ideas compositivas, secuencias, ritmos, voces corales al estilo Mythos, con una calidad sonora sobresaliente y con el añadido del sonido multicanal. Desde el primero hasta el último tema, los seguidores de la música electrónica van a poder disfrutar de este trabajo, un disco recomendable disfrutar con un buen sistema home cinema para poder apreciar los apabullantes sonidos que se van sucediendo, a lo largo de todos los altavoces, en una sinfonía que deseamos que no se termine.
"Surround Sound Offensive" es un disco para los amantes de la música electrónica, un regalo para los oídos y más aún si se puede disfrutar de un buen Home Cinema a un determinado volumen, cuidado todos aquellos con vecinos susceptibles de sufrir daños auditivos por la escucha de buena música.

*** Amazing Sounds / Spanien ***

A very interesting production has reached us. This album, on CD, is
a very special campaign for Surround Sound, Dolby Pro Logic and
musical Hi-Tech. As explains Stephan Kaske (Mythos), many record
companies and producers still ignore the fantastic potential of the
Surround Sound technology or simply try to avoid the complexity and
the high extra costs. Probably, the Pop and hit parade stars wouldn't
sell less even if their music would be produced in mono. But the
Surround Sound, Dolby Pro Logic and Hi-Tech fans do not want to
renounce these futuristic technics when they listen to music. That's
why here is the first of a new series of Mythos albums, matched and
fine-tuned right for it from the start of the composition. This is a work
with fascinating electronic textures, powerful soundscapes and vivid
rhythms. These are six themes of an impeccable production. The music
is an interesting tour through different styles fused within a general
structure near to Synth-Pop.
Derek Doarn

*** Articmist / Spanien / (c) 2008, Jorge Sergio ***

El estilo electrónico de Stephan Kaske siempre me ha parecido peculiar. Su música es, evidentemente electrónica y un producto de aquel que gusta de encerrarse con sus sintetizadores e instrumentos electrónicos varios, con ciertas influencias de la música electrónica clásica (¿se puede ser alemán y no estar influenciado de alguna manera por 50 años de tradición musical electrónica germana?). Sin embargo, la música de Kaske (bien desde sus inicios como Mythos, o bien con otros nombres o proyectos artísticos) tiene algo diferente. Siempre es directa, rítmica e incluye algo de electrónica irreverencia. Amigo de sorprender a su audiencia, lo mismo compone música sintética inspirada en el kamasutra como promociona antiguos temas inéditos en forma de mini-cd.

El nuevo trabajo de Mythos lleva el título de Surround Sound Offensive. Bueno, no entendamos el término ofensivo de forma textual. Sin embargo, y tras una primera escucha, he descubierto al Mythos de siempre, sorprendente, rítmico, con un fuerte componente melódico, aunque muy sintético y, en este caso, especialmente rico en sonoridad. El berlinés ha compuesto este trabajo con una filosofía especial, como él mismo nos indica. Compuesto en sonido Surround Dolby Pro Logic ™, Kaske pretende que la escucha de los 11 cortes que componen el trabajo constituyan una especial experiencia psicoacústica para los oyentes, con efectos de sonido binaural. Mythos hace así una llamada expresa a los fans de la Alta Fidelidad y los equipos musicales de calidad sonora para que participen en su página , o subscribiéndose a su newsletter para expresar su opinión sobre las personales experiencias al escuchar Surround Sound Offensive, teniendo el cuenta la grabación en Surround Dolby Pro Logic ™ . Los fans que participen en dicho newsletter tendrán la oportunidad de recibir descargas gratuítas, cds especiales firmados u otras ventajas. Surround Sound Offensive es el primero de una serie de trabajos futuros grabados en el mencionado sistema Surround Dolby Pro Logic

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