Express Biography

MYTHOS was founded in 1969 by the multiinstrumentalist Stephan Kaske with Thomas Hildebrand (Drums) and Harald Weiße (Bass).

1971 after several hundred concerts they performed extremely successful in the legendary "Langelsheim Festival" the "German Woodstock" and were signed by the famous OHR-Label. The first lp MYTHOS was published in 1972.

With other musicians Kaske recorded the MYTHOS-lps DREAMLAB (1975), STRANGE GUYS (1978) and CONCRETE CITY (1979).

In 1980 Kaske produced his first solo-lp for the SKY-Label, the QUASAR, followed by the GRAND PRIX (1981).

Also in 1981 Kaske founded the MYTHOS STUDIO BERLIN (MSB) which became a kind of "goldmine" right from the start because of MYTHOS' popularity.

In the following years Kaske produced countless bands and projects as well as music for TV, radio, film and commercials.

Not until 1989 he published pure MYTHOS music again, the MYTHOS LIVE. This led to the probably most important contract ever in the MYTHOS history.

Since 1990 up to the present day Kaske is producing for MEMBRAN.

From this cooperation resulted up to now more than a dozen MYTHOS single and multi cds and moreover numerous productions of other styles, i.e. the MYTHOS CLASSIC, PLUGGED ON or M.A.S.S. series.

Additionally to the multiinstrumentalist, Kaske became a multi-STYLIST.

Traditionally his productions are not only reviewed and recommended by critics from all over the world, but furthermore got awards and mentions.

2002 i.e., on the occasion of the 4cd album "The ELECTRONIC Four Seasons", Kaske was presented in front of a big audience with the SCHWINGUNGEN AWARD OF HONOUR for "his life's work up to date and his continuous influence on the international Electronic Music".

In 2005 the Dutch music magazine E-DITION has given the title "CD of the year" to the double cd "The Dramatic And Fantastic Stories Of EDGAR ALLEN POE".

In December 2006 Kaske released a production in SACD format (SuperAudioCD) for the first time, the triple cd MYSTERIA - An Electronic Journey Into Sound. Have a look at the numerous international reviews


In 2008 the Italian magazine "NEW AGE and New Sounds" featured MYTHOS substantially with lifestory, photos and interview titled: "Il Cuore Elettronico di Berlino" (The Electronic Heart of Berlin).

In autumn 2008 already the next big surprise:
The release of a very special album - the
As the name suggests a cd produced extremely and consequently for the high standards of the friends of Surround Sound and musical hightech.
Read enthusiastic reviews and recommendations of fans and international media here on this homepage.

During spring 2009 Kaske responded to repeated requests of organizers and fans and created a conceptual design for a MYTHOS Live concert program.
WITHOUT pc or laptops, just using the "on-board" sequencers and arpeggiators, PLUS FLUTE (for the first time since the 6th lp "Grand Prix"), vocoder, electronic bagpipes and some more instruments and effects devices.
As a result in autumn 2009 the first Mythos LIVE production since decades was released - the GALLERY CONCERTS!
Mythos performed numerous concerts and finally appeared at the legendary "EM-Breakfast" in Bochum.
Here another LIVE album had its premiere, the "unabsteigbar!", released in 2010.
Just in time for the MYTHOS PLANETARIA TOUR 2010/2013, leading MYTHOS to planetaria, churches, festivals, open air events and vernissages all over Germany.
In the meantime Kaske's record company "Sireena" additionally released, respectably rereleased the MYTHOS albums "SuperKraut"(1976) and "Quasar"(1980) in 2011 and 2012.
In November 2012 finally the long yearned follow-up album of the "Offensive" has been published - the "Surround Sound Evolution", for all HighTec and Surround Sound fans all over the world.
Followed by the"Grand Prix" in July 2013 for the many Krautrock addicts.

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